Missed our last ZERO TRUST webinar? Full recording now available!

Basic webinar for zero-trust concept and Safe-T ZoneZero solutions demo. Content is appropriate for security professionals, risk specialist and IT executives.

Euridica and Safe-T company in cooperation with UDT BiH (Association for Digital Transformation in Bosnia and Herzegovina) have been organized ZeroTrust - The right way webinar on September 2021.  Webinar introduce the zero-trust concepts and success stories. Solutions for secure remote access and cyber resilience challenges are also our hot topics. Speakers are:

  • Nebojsa Bulatovic, Euridica CEO,
  • Tovy Yanne, Safe-T and
  • professor Zoran Duric, Banja Luka university. 

ZoneZero  first ever Software Defined Perimeter and Zero-trust solution of the well-known Safe-T company is presented, with an explanation of the benefits/trust that this solution brings to business and security services. A practical ZoneZero implementation examples and integration into network and cloud solutions are also presented.

Webinar is recorded and available on UDT youtube channel  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piILvNRdwMQ